June 8, 2021 | 3 Minutes

Use Points for PlacePass Credit

Reserve Activities with Your Membership

As a Member, you have enjoyed the option to enhance your holidays with tours and adventures available through Marriott Vacation Club Activities Powered by PlacePass. Now, you can exchange your Points* for credit with Activities Powered by PlacePass, granting you another option to maximize your membership — and explore the best of your destination.

Whether you’re booking a “skip-the-line” admissions ticket to a popular site, a last-minute adventure for your holiday, or planning a relaxing staycation at home, you can use your PlacePass Credit to book local activities and tours from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.


Add adventure to your next getaway. From food tours to outdoor excursions and nature-forward experiences, there’s much to see in your chosen destination via Activities Powered by PlacePass.

PlacePass puts you in the heart of the action. Take a bike tour or a private, chef-led sushi class in Tokyo. Discover luxury sky-dining in a private cable car or explore the city in Singapore. Get up close with Australian wildlife at sanctuaries, zoos, and snorkeling spots. Whether you prefer a relaxed afternoon strolling by notable destinations or gearing up for a full-day adventure, your Points offer another way to truly experience your chosen locales.

Ready to reserve? To begin, exchange a minimum of 500 Points for US$150 in PlacePass Credit. Additional credit can be purchased in increments of US$75 for every 250 Points exchanged, up to a total of US$600 in PlacePass Credit (or 2,000 Points) annually.


When you want to exchange Points for PlacePass Credit, call Member Services. A code will be delivered to you in an email from Activities Powered by PlacePass within 3 business days of completing the exchange.

Once you receive the code, you can apply it during the checkout process on the Activities Powered by PlacePass website. The PlacePass Credit can be applied to all activity base rates, taxes, fees, and surcharges; however, it will not cover gratuities or package add-ons. While the PlacePass Credit expires 90 days after issuance, the activity you reserve can take place after the expiration date — as long as you apply the credit to the activity prior to the expiration date.

Depending on the amount of PlacePass Credit you have, you can use it to reserve multiple activities. The credit can be used on reservations until the amount has been exhausted or expires. Any additional fees can be covered via credit card, and you will earn Marriott Bonvoy points for the charges placed on your credit card (though not for the PlacePass Credit). You can also surprise friends and loved ones through the gift of PlacePass Credit, so they may enjoy myriad activities during their holidays — or near home.

Have a last-minute change of plans? You can cancel your reserved activity from the confirmation page (accessible via your confirmation email) within the cancellation time frame to have your PlacePass Credit refunded. Keep in mind, changes or cancellations must be completed before the Activities Powered by PlacePass Credit expires. All exchanges of Points for PlacePass Credit are final.

Contact Member Services to start exchanging Points for PlacePass Credit.